Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Throwing Babies

I have a problem. The first step to recovery is admitting it. I am a baby thrower. The kids don't help; they are enablers - egging me on with their smiling and laughing.

This is me throwing Henry:

I dropped him once:

No, not really.

Here's Rosemary. I think I could launch her in the air and field her like a fly ball and she would like it.

And Piper:

Piper may be the only sensible one in the bunch. There is a height at which she thinks I'm displaying some bad parenting skills and gives a grunt of disapproval as opposed to a giggle.

But, all is forgiven on terra firma.


  1. I believe your condition to be incurable. My dad was plagued by it until we were too heavy to throw without risking himself great bodily harm on the "down swoosh." It reared its ugly head once more when our first born came along. Admission of the problem is noble, submission is more fun! It appears that the throw-ees may be enjoying it as much as the throw-er!(great photos)

  2. Cute pics, Gary. I can't believe you didn't mention on the post that Heather took these on MANUAL exposure, though!! I guess your blog can't always be about how wonderful Heather is :-)

  3. hahahah you said "i dropped him once" haahah no not really. GREAT! lol is it bad i laughed?? I am a fellow good thrower as well. My Carter man laughs so hard so I just can't stop. He almost hit a moving ceiling fan once, and there is no "no, not really" to follow that one.