Sunday, July 19, 2009

Google Searches

When Heather decided to make a blog to share the babies progress in the hospital instead of sending out email updates, I was reluctant because I didn't want everyone to be able to peer into our personal lives on a website. I did, however, want all the people who supported us and prayed for the babies (some we will never know) to be able to check in and see that their prayers worked. Heather made me comfortable with the blog idea when she told me that she could turn on a blogger function to disable search engines from finding threeleesinapod.

Since Heather has had her blog up and running, I have overcome my aversion to people peering into our personal lives - at least the part of it we put out there. When I set up BGPP last month, I really didn't think about search engines. I just left all of the default settings, so unlike her blog, this blog shows up on Google. One "non-default" thing I did was to get Heather to make me a stat counter (she's the family blog expert). On the stat counter, I can see "keyword activity," which shows the recent Google queries people used to stumble on this site.

Here are some of the searches that brought people to this site in the last few days:

john daly plaid pants - I think this blog shows up because Daly's pants are more of a check than a plaid. Maybe I helped these people by letting them know that they would be mocked if they purchased those pants, even by someone who wears plaid pants. You're welcome.

strange bald guy at sporting events - That probably wasn't me. Is there one strange guy who has been showing up at sporting events? If he wears plaid pants, I need to get a new name for the blog.

ricky barnes plaid pants - (lots) Poor guy. He came in second at the U.S. Open and people find him here. Maybe he doesn't wear plaid pants very often.

smash cakes or baby smash cake - Surely, I helped these folks by letting them know they should ask the baker to approximate the size of the smash cakes when they place their cake order.

small cake pands (twice) - It's called a "pan." You bake a cake in a "pan." That is why you can't find any small cake pands.

bald guy in plaid pants - These people were probably looking for this site, or they are looking for the guy that sold them their last used car.

I don't think I will turn on the thing that disables search engines. If I get rid of the people who stumble upon my blog accidentally, I could wipe out half of my readership - and lose my new toy.

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