Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plaid Pants Friday (Belated)

Yesterday was Friday, which I declared to be Plaid Pants Friday two weeks ago. But finding interesting people in plaid pants to feature every week was harder than I thought. Maybe interesting people don't wear plaid pants; I'm at a loss.

Being without a subject for Plaid Pants Friday yesterday, I took a picture of my own plaid pants with my Blackberry when I got to my office. I tried to send it to myself, but it didn't go through. Then I got busy and had no Plaid Pants Friday post.

I was alerted to my failure by a fellow parent of multiples. So here is an autobiographical Plaid Pants Friday post . . . on Saturday.

My plaid pants from Friday:

This is the part of the post where I would write about the wearer of the plaid pants. In this case, you know that the subject sports a pair of fancy plaid pants to work at a law firm. What else is there to know?

Happy Belated Plaid Pants Friday. Nice pants, Self.

1 comment:

  1. Last Friday I said to Aaron:
    "Gary is going silent."
    He said: "Who's Gary."
    You know, Bald Guy-Plaid Pants?
    "Oh, right. Silent?"
    Yeah. He is running out of plaid pant material.
    Gary, we searched high and low for contributions to your cause.
    Aaron said plaid shorts didn't count so that really cut the opportunities to a bare nothing.
    I took the girls to the beach this week and was stumped at the guy in front of me at the CVS. He had on plaid really long shorts/ really short pants. They were not shorts. They were not pants. They were plaid. If that makes sense. I thought it was as close to plaid pants as we were going to get. I couldn't get my blackberry out quick enough and he was gone. I lost the opportunity. I guess I could have chased him down in the parking lot, but my kids don't know I am crazy yet, so I decided against it.
    We knew you would pull through. I just wish I could have seen the look on the face of your colleagues had they walked in on you with your blackberry, photograghing yourself in fancy plaid pants. Priceless! Kudos for Plaid Pants Friday (on saturday.)