Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The "House Divided" is Getting out of Hand

I've seen an increasing number of "The House Divided" license plates on cars recently. I saw this one on an SUV parked in front of my office.

Because we are in the South, it's safe to assume this person's house is allegedly divided over football and not gymnastics or lacrosse. College football is king in the South; nevertheless, I doubt the severity of the strife in the SUV owner's home. Could this strife possibly warrant a license plate display?

From an unreliable google search, I show that Alabama and Florida only played 29 regular season games in the 102 years from 1904 to 2006. (I know my search results are unreliable because Florida didn't field a football team until 1906.)

Further adding to the curiosity of this plate choice is the glaring fact that Alabama was really good for about a hundred years while Florida was busy inventing Gatorade and jean shorts. Before 1990, Florida won only six of its meetings with Alabama and got shut out eight times. In Florida's defense, one of the shutouts came in the 1904 "game." When no Florida players showed up, it would have been nice if the Alabama guys just went and grabbed some beers rather than running up and down the field by themselves scoring points. But I digress.

For a house to be "divided" enough to justify a license plate, I say the teams have to play a semi-competitive game almost yearly. I can see if one spouse is an Alabama fan and one is Auburn, you are "the house divided." Same goes for Ohio State-Michigan, Texas-Oklahoma, Notre Dame-USC, etc. Games that are scheduled about a frequently as presidential elections just don't make the cut.

I am not one to call out a fellow Gator, so I have to assume the Gator's spouse procured the license plate in question. I still must ask you, fellow Gator, can't we just get along? Think about the kids. Please don't let a football game every 1283 days divide your otherwise happy home.


  1. I'm guessing you don't like my "Auburn and Samford: The House Divided" license plate either.

  2. At least Auburn stole Samford's coach. That would be enough to create a mini-rivalry, but for the absence of a legitimate change of Samford beating Auburn and the little part about playing each other regularly.

  3. Ran into this blog reading through the triplet connection forum. I don't know them, but I thought it would be nice to bring two seemingly enthusiastic "fans" together. Since my husband just informed me that we "like" Tim Tebow. As if I just committed an unforgivable infraction because I am viewing "the other teams" blog!! I don't really "like" any one. I just know that I own a "Alstott" Jersey. I am up to my ears in kids. Who has time for sports? Just thought you might get a kick out of this family blog from TC.

  4. Thanks Obrien, I will alert CPS that someone is dressing their kids in FSU gear and monitor the site for furure childrearing infractions.