Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pictures of My Kids Sleeping

After blowing up this blog, I didn't have a place to put the scattered pieces of nothingness that happen in between the events of my family's life documented on Heather's blog. A little of that nothingness happens while the kids are asleep - and, over the last several months, I've been taking pictures of the kids when we check on them before we go to bed.

Although I have legitimate doubts that pictures of my kids sleeping with no additional content will appeal to normal literate humans who are not related to our children, I think there's something intrinsically beautiful in a sleeping child. Even if some of that beauty is lost in translation when it's captured by the hurried shot of an iPhone in the dark, I made a depository for these moments of their beautiful life:

Pictures of My Kids Sleeping

Monday, January 31, 2011





I did it. I couldn't stand doing a poor job of blogging. That was the solution.

Thanks for reading. Cheers.