Friday, July 24, 2009

Plaid Pants Friday

A Plaid Pants Friday story of a man and his pants reunited:

Pat Dye was the football coach at Auburn from 1981 until 1992. Dye is an old school guy, sort of like your grandpa with a deeper voice if he had won four SEC Championships, was in the College Football Hall of Fame, and if your grandpa could pull the arms and legs off a cougar while snacking on a nice crunchy bottle of bourbon.

In December of 2007, the water was down in Central Alabama's Lake Martin. Local flotsam/jetsam hunter Shannon McDuffie found a pair of, what are described by Lake Martin Magazine as, "big-check green-and-blue Madras pants" in the lake mud.

McDuffie fondled through the pants and found an alligator skin wallet, which she took home, leaving the real find (the pants) behind. After getting the wallet home, she cleaned off the muck and found that the 1980s vintage credit cards and driver's license belonged to none other than Coach Pat Dye. With the knowledge that this wasn't just any wallet, she went back to get the pants and found Dye's car keys in the pants as well - all of which had been in the lake for 23 years.

McDuffie called media giant Lake Martin Magazine with her story and the Magazine contacted Coach Dye. This is the odd part: When told about the find, Dye said he had no recollection of losing his wallet, his keys or his pants.

Lake Martin Magazine got this photo of McDuffie giving Dye back his pants:

Dye said, "I do remember those pants." Of course you do. Those are awesome plaid pants. How could you forget those? Coming home pantsless with no keys and no wallet, sure - easy to forget. But not those pants; you would not forget those gems. Nice pants, Coach.

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  1. Thanks to Gary and PPF, I now how yet another obsessive compulsive behavior. Thanks to Gary and PPF I am compulsively and obsessively searching each and every crowd for that lone pair of plaid pants that we may have a contribution in the event of a shortage of PPF material. Thanks to Gary and PPF I was nearly arrested this afternoon after attempting to photograph a women at the dry cleaners who was sporting a pair of plaid (I think pajama bottoms. Does that count?) Not really on the arrest part but the other part is true. Thanks to Gary and PPF I can now look forward to and say TTIF. Stay at home moms tend to blend their days all together. There isnt much variation. So thanks Gary and PPF, my fix for this week is fulfilled.