Monday, September 28, 2009

Where the Sidewalk Ends

We live in a subdivision. At both ends of our subdivision are busy roads. We have nice sidewalks within the subdivision, so there's space to take the Baby Jogger.

As far as the options on where to go, we might as well live on an island, though. There was just nowhere to go, other than here. My walks around the neighborhood consist of seeing people working in their yards, people walking dogs and other people walking kids. I like our neighborhood, but seeing house after house just gets old. Houses and people. And dogs.

That is, until the powers that be decided the people in "here" needed the ability to go "there."

This is where the sidewalk used to end.

This was the end of "here."

Really, there is nothing wrong with here. I like here. It just got old. I wanted to go "there."

Now I can.

Isn't it beautiful. I went there on Sunday.

I don't know if the people who design and build the sidewalks know exactly what they've done for me. I have always been able to run or ride my bike out there, but I couldn't take the stroller on the road.

This is more of there, or the way to there, rather.

It goes all the way to - where the sidewalk ends now. A little over a mile further than it used to.

. . . which is here.

Surely I will get greedy and become dissatisfied with my new "here" and wish that the sidewalk ended there. Until then, however, I like it here.

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