Friday, September 4, 2009

My Gator Flag

I come from a long line of flag people.

We always had an American flag on our front porch growing up, lest someone mistake our home for a miniature foreign embassy. My dad has no less than 30 flags for various occasions and organizations to fly on his boat. I don't care to admit it, but we may have done a little car-flag flying as well. If there was reason to fly a flag, you could bet my family would do it.

Naturally, when Heather and I bought our house seven years ago, I found the best place to fly a flag and told Heather where the flag pole could go. I wanted an American flag for the Fourth of July and other patriotic holidays and a Gator flag for the other 363 days of the year. Heather said: 1) you aren't drilling any holes in our new brick; and, 2) I don't want a big ass flag flying off of the front of my house.

So, this is my flag.

No holes in the house and it's small. Really small. It's in the flower bed in front of our garage.

It doesn't say "suck it" to the other SEC fans in the neighborhood, as I would like, but being in the minority of fandom in the Poverty Hills section of Nouveau Riche Estates, it's just as well. I don't want any flaming poop bombs on my front door step if Florida has another good season.

Happy Plaid Pants Friday and Go Gators.


  1. That would be much prettier if it were an Alabama flag! Aren't you in the middle of Tide country down there? : )

  2. Can't you just tell the other SEC fans to "suck it" in person? Flaming poop bombs away!

  3. man. i love your blog, just like i love your kids' names. it's so funny.

    (lsu is my alma mater. not being up on matters SECsian, i hope that's okay.)