Thursday, April 8, 2010


We have walls in the kids' room.

It's starting to feel real now - like we have a new part of our house that wasn't there before.

I know from a square footage standpoint, our house is staying the same size. The man room was like a formal living room, though. It was there so we could use it, and we used it when we had people over. But as we started doing more kid related stuff, we had less need for a billiard room and bar.

I guess I should mourn the loss of the man room, but I don't. I'm too excited about making our house more usable for our growing family.

The house already feels bigger and it's just a dusty unpainted room with the door closed. If Piper, Henry and Rosemary knew to be excited, I think they would be.


  1. LOVE that last picture. It really is gonna be a gorgeous room.

  2. I knew that room was big - but damn. Tub, toilet, sink and two closets?
    Nanny Y