Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Heavy Comforter

Monday night, Heather and I got in bed and I was asking her if the comforter felt heavy. She said no. Then I asked if she was hot. Again, no. I thought maybe we had high humidity and the comforter was holding moisture. I turned down the A/C, but was still hot all night.

Last night when we got in bed, I felt lumps on top of me. It turns out I had washed a load of clothes, piled them on the bed, and then covered the comforter, together with the pile of clothes, with a sheet because the drywall people were coming to sand Monday morning. Then I forgot about having put the clothes on the bed and slept under a pile of laundry all night.

Our room is so messy that I accidentally sleep under a pile of laundry. We have nowhere to put our stuff. It's everywhere. There's no "away."

On a positive note, Heather's closet is plumbed and sheet rocked, so I think we are close to having an "away" again.

Maybe we can move Heather back into her closet this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Surely you meant to write, "Maybe we can move Heather's STUFF back into her closet"......right???