Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Man Room Update

The man room is dead. I sold the bar, the bar fridge and the pub table on craigslist. I attempted to sell the pool table on craigslist, but apparently 100 people will email me with detailed questions about a cheap pub table, but not a single one has an appreciation for a quality pool table. The pool table is in storage waiting for the day that I get another man room.

I got the room cleaned out last weekend, with the exception of a couch that I can't get back down the stairs.

I found the builder's drawing tacked up to the wall on the first day of construction.

If I didn't know our builder, and live in the evidence that he can build a whole house, I might be concerned about the quality of the architect's rendering.

The framing happened quickly once Bill and his superintendent Brad started.

The bathroom main vanity area:

The tub and toilet area:


Bathroom, closets and hall.

And the kids watching the sheet rock people unload the truck into our garage:

I wonder if they know they are getting a new room. This is a big deal. Even if they don't know and aren't excited, I'm excited for them.

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  1. Because I'm a total dork, I'm really excited at the sight of floorplans. Even messily drawn ones. You should see all the chunks of notebook paper taped to 2x4s in our basement covered with mini instructions and specs. It looks terrible... luckily it makes sense to me!

    One last thing: