Monday, August 10, 2009

We're Still That Nice Gay Couple

When our last next door neighbors moved in, they told us they purchased the home thinking a gay couple lived in our house. Apparently one of our other neighbors informed the realtor that we were a "nice gay couple." The realtor saw this as a selling point, I suppose.

I was sort of flattered that our other neighbors thought my yard was nice enough to belong to a gay man, but wished that we knew our neighbors well enough to realize I wasn't my own gay life partner.

With the couple to whom we were outed, we tried to be good neighbors. We all went to dinner and they told us the gay couple story. Then we didn't see them as much as we would have liked. And then they moved. They were really nice, but Heather and I just didn't find the time to be good neighbors to them.

We got new neighbors in that house a month ago. As soon as I saw them the first time, I went over and introduced myself. This time, I was going to be a better neighbor. I want to be Gary, the cool neighbor who will help you move a couch or cut down a tree (even though I lack the knowledge, tools or skill set to cut down a tree). The new neighbors are cool - the type of people I would be friends with. We talked about having a beer, but haven't done it after a month. Same story, new neighbors.

We've been in our house for six years and I can't say I really know our neighbors. We're still the nice gay couple that keeps to ourselves. I just suck at being neighborly.

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