Friday, August 7, 2009

Plaid Pants Friday

I usualy like to keep it light on Plaid Pants Friday, but I may have been the victim of some sartorial hornswagglery.

I purchased these trousers from Brooks Brothers at the season-end clearance a few weeks ago:

My new trousers are on the right; the thing on the left is a shirt. The pants are patchwork madras - 50% off. I had thought I got a good deal.

Then, an astute law firm employee spotted this character walking downtown on Tuesday:

This man is wearing the other half of my patchwork madras suit! Brooks Brothers sold me a suit without its jacket.

I know what you're thinking - I wouldn't wear my new patchwork madras shirt with the patchwork madras suit; that would be silly looking - unless, of course I had a patchwork madras tie.

If you see this man walking in Downtown Birmingham, please get my jacket for me. It should be a 42 Regular if my suspicions are correct.

Happy Plaid Pants Friday.


  1. Hornswaggled, indeed. Consider it a gift of fate....Stacy and Clinton just called and said they found that jacket in the "What Not To Wear" dressing room. They also said that things don't match; they "go."

  2. When I saw the guy on the street, I just cracked up! Sorry I didn't tackle him for the jacket. Who knew that you had such good taste! LOL

    The Astute Lawfirm Employee (HA HA HA)