Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Homecoming Anniversary

One year ago today, we brought Rosemary, the last baby, home from the hospital. That day marked the end of a 101 day journey at UAB Hospital. I spent every one of those 101 days at the hospital praying for the day we might all leave and be home together.

The first day of the journey, when Heather was admitted, was dismal. Things didn't look good for the kids if they had been born that early.

Each day Heather was in the hospital, still pregnant, we had more reason to hope that things might be OK. We celebrated every weekly milestone. And, fortunately, there were more milestones to celebrate than anyone had expected.

Heather delivered on day 49 of the journey. Day 49 was a good day, certainly a significant day, but there were still the lows of fear and uncertainty associated with having three babies in the NICU to go with the highs of having three new members of our family.

Shortly after the kids were born, we settled into our NICU routine and it became apparent that, barring an infection of some sort, we would eventually bring home three babies.

Piper came home on day 87 and Henry came home on day 92. And then, on day August 16, 2008, the day that I had prayed for happened. We drove away from UAB with Rosemary in the car, bound for home, where Piper and Henry were waiting.

In the scope of 101 days, we went from hoping with little basis to be hopeful all the way to the fruition of having three babies at home. It seemed like forever at the time, but now I can't believe all that happened in just 101 days.

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