Friday, August 14, 2009

Plaid Pants Friday (New Camera)

I got a new camera last weekend. It's not a fancy one like Heather got; it's just a slightly smaller version of the one like I had.

This is my old camera (taken with my new camera)

This is my new camera (taken with my old camera)

For comparison purposes, and in keeping with the Friday theme, this is a picture of some plaid pants taken with the old camera.

. . . and with the new camera.

Wow. Money well spent on the new camera. It's at least 2% better than the old one. Actually, I think the color is off on the new one. I need to read the directions.

No biggie. The new one has a little button with a flower on it. You know, for taking pictures of flowers:


Happy Plaid Pants Friday.


  1. Hmm...maybe I need to find a new camera that has a "butt" know...for taking pictures of butts...since my boys keep peeing off the deck and all I ever see any more are butts...butts...butts...butts...and by God..I think Kayla has a pair of Plaid Shorts that match your plaid pants EXACTLY? Did you get those at American Eagle? Happy PPF, back at ya.

  2. I buy all my pants from Baby Gap. I am pretty short.

  3. Wow!! I'm pretty impressed with the picture quality of your new camera!! It's fantastic...