Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rosemary Busts a Move

People don’t say “bust a move” anymore do they? That sounds like something a parent-chaperone at a middle school dance would say. In any case, I like to bust a move on occasion. Mostly when I’m alone with the kids. The kids partake in the move busting as well.

Heather recently had a few evenings away from home with work stuff and getting her hair cut (when the kids ate fireplace rocks), so I’ve had plenty of dancing opportunities. When I don't have my iPod or CDs handy, I play the XM stations that come with our satellite TV service. The best XM choices for a dance session are: Hip Hop Nation (which is too dirty), Kids Place (featuring painful songs in which kids are excited about nothing), Radio Disney (good for kids, but not great for dancing), Soul Town (good for dancing) and Backspin / Old School Rap (really good for dancing and not overtly dirty like newer hip hop).

The girls have always liked rap, especially Rosemary. Even when Rosemary was a little baby, she liked to listen to Ludacris in my car. I know Ludacris is not ideal baby music, but when faced with the option of a Fisher Price CD and a crying baby or a Ludacris CD and a happy baby, I went with the happy baby and Luda. It’s no surprise that Rosemary now stops whatever she’s doing and dances as soon as she hears anything remotely hip hop on TV or the radio.

Here are the girls, Rosemary in particular, digging on the Old School Rap station during our pre-dinner ho-down. Piper is in Pink and Rosemary is in light blue.

Getty up, girl. That move will make a real impression at the office Christmas party one day.


  1. Too FUNNY! Love the dancing and the music. I have found that ours relax well to DMB. What is Henry doing during all this? Chillin?

  2. Get your FREAK on little baby Lee's!

    [I know they are not "really" babies anymore, but we have been over this before...]

    Love it.

  3. That is AWESOME!

    And I thought I was the only one who said "bust a move" anymore......you must be same age, early 40's?

  4. I just saw this! Love it! Fav part is you telling Rosemary to Geddy-up girl :)

  5. Brian, Henry just squeals and flaps his arms. Basic man stuff. He'll have to work on that. Glad to see your trio are doing well.

    Anon, Hanging on to mid-30s still - but getting there.

  6. So, I was serious at Thanksgiving...I want to see them with the Beyonce Single Ladies video!!! Cindy