Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cat Watch - Day 2

The cat came home. She was gone for 40 hours; it seemed like longer than that. She left Sunday afternoon. This morning Heather saw her on the back porch and started yelling. Gary! Oh my God! Gary! Gary!

I came running into the kitchen not knowing what in the hale was going on. I half way expected to find three kids sleeping at the bottom of the stairs. I was relieved to find that the screaming was a good scream and that our kitty came home.

Francesca spent all day today hanging around the house. When I drove up in the driveway tonight, she was sitting in front of the house in perfect yard cat form.

Tonight, the low is 35 degrees though, which may not be super cold for all cats, but I think it's too cold for a cat with no winter fur who is used to a steady 68 degrees. Tonight, after the kids went to bed, I unlocked the cat door that goes from the the kitchen nook to the screen porch and let Francesca in. That cat is beside herself to have house privileges.

She will be an indoor-outdoor cat tonight with access through the cat door to the porch and access to the great wide open through the open screen porch door. I just hope a herd of chipmunks don't storm the house through the series of open doors we left for the cat.

I'm happy to know that I didn't send the cat off to her death. I still wonder where she was. Maybe she was lost. Maybe she really was giving me the cold shoulder like commenters to "Day 1" said. I think it's a Christmas miracle.

God bless us, every one.


  1. whew! glad the cat came back, so you can continue to take funny pictures of her.

  2. You should start a site dedicated to the pictures of your cat in strange outfits. It would amuse me for at least a few hours!

    Glad she's home :)

  3. Oh, thank goodness she came back. To be honest, though, I didn't really blame her for hightailing it out of there. I mean, making her wear those outfits? It's so...undignified, especially for a cat named Francesca. ;-)

  4. She will do it again.

    Mark my words.

    Don't show concern.

    NEVA---and I mean----NEVA let a mean cat see that you are capable of care and concern.

    Never let 'em see you sweat!

    (Glad she forgave you and has blessed you with her presense for the time being!)

  5. Today's photo--your cat in a tree costume--is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Did you truly send that as a card to family and friends??? How relieved everyone on your list must be to receive your card nowadays, no longer having to brace themselves and squint while slowly extricating your Xmas photo from its envelope...

  6. Anon, That is the Christmas card photo from our 2006 or 2007 card. We sent it to friends, family and even people we work with. That was on a pretty tacky card as well, if I recall. I estimate 25% of the recipients think we are certifiable.

  7. Anon here, again ~
    Just re-perused some of your previous posts and can't believe that I'd somehow missed the fact that after the birth of your babies, the costumed cat continued to be featured in the annual photo! ~ so recipients eagerly withdrew the photo from the envelope, their eyes took in a trio of gorgeous, holiday-clad babies, then WHAMMO!
    I am howling, and every finger's crossed that you'll be posting this year's card.