Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Red Wagons Ho!

Our family had a great Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at Heather's parents' house, Christmas day at our house with just our crew, and the day after Christmas with my parents at our house.

My Mom had asked my what I wanted for Christmas. I told her I wanted a wagon. I told her Heather wanted a wagon too. My Mom said that wasn't really for us; it was for the kids. I stuck to my guns. I wanted a wagon. She spared me the part where I sit around in a nice new sweater woven by Scottish virgins from the wool of grass-fed sheep while wishing I had two kick ass wagons for the kids.

Yee damn haw. Wagons! We loaded up the wagons and went to Aldridge Gardens Sunday morning.

It was just over 40 degrees, so we gave the kids lots of layers and put fur boots on the girls. They had a hard time standing up.

My dad spent most of his time picking up fallen turtle kids.

He spends a good bit of his waking hours devising ways to limit his physical exertion with things like electric fishing reels, so he's probably at home right now working on the preliminary drawings for life size Weeble Wobble outfits.

I guess I could have helped, but I was having fun watching.


  1. Yay for wagons!!!! I don't know what I would do without mine!

  2. Love the wagons. We already were able to hit up another triplet mom for a used Choo-Choo Wagon so we have that for when the time is right in the spring! Thanks for the info on the playroom. Got it all set up this weekend. Pics to follow soon. BTW. Does Starbucks make sippie cups now??? I might need one for myself!!!

  3. pictures of your dad & prediction about weeble-wobble outfitting: priceless.

    yay for wagons, indeed.

  4. Is it just like BGPP to stand around snapping photo's and laughing while every little weeble is fallin' all over the place?


  5. I bet your dad is already thinking up ways to motorize those kick ass wagons for when he is on babysitting duty - look out!! (stopping by on recommendation from Triples Plus Two)