Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gold Star

Thank you for your votes in the 2009 Multiples and More Blog Awards, both the voluntary ones and the ones that may or may not have been coerced.

I got a gold star!

In the process, I discovered some great new blogs - as if I needed more interesting things on the internet to occupy my time. I expanded my Blog List in the left sidebar with a couple of the other nominees, one of which I already read, Pyjammy's Blog (triplet mom), and a new one, Twinsomnia (fellow lawyer and twin mom). If you haven't already, you'll find a bunch of other good reads over at Multiples and More.

Random funny and non-funny blog posting will now resume. Thanks again.


  1. Lord---the suspense was killing me. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Not that I every doubted--it was kind of a

    "...and I'd like to thank the Academy and my WIFE, Heather---who is such a wonderful sport about me tripping her up and then permitting me to photograp AND blog about it. My blog would be nothing without her."

    I knew that is what you really meant to say :0)

  2. woo hoo! glad you won, even though i love the other nominee's blogs too. but i did nominate you, after all.

  3. dropping by via "twinsomnia"...congrats on the award!

  4. Congrats!! I just joined the Multiples blog and love checking out all the other bloggers :)

  5. Thanks guys. And, of course, thanks for the nomination Pam.

  6. Belated congrats to ya! And I'm not at all bitter about losing. *grumble grumble* Thanks for the shout out, by the way! :-)