Thursday, December 2, 2010

She's a Good Picture Taker

Heather does a great job of capturing the kids' personalities with her photography. I'm pretty proud of all that she's learned in the last year and a half. Of course, I'm proud of our kids in the pictures, but she turns the cute up to 11 with her picture taking skills.

Last year I was nominated for funniest blog on the Multiples and More Blog Network. Since then I've taken to wearing tweed sport coats with patches on the arms, smoking a pipe, and giving lectures on Russian literature at coffee houses. Accordingly, I am ineligible for the nomination this year.

Fear not though, Heather has picked up the slack in blog award nominations. Her blog has been nominated for best photography this year.

I don't want to be a shameless begging whore. I am. I just don't want to be. Please go vote for her blog HERE. Scroll down to "Best Photography" and hit "Three Lees in a Pod." There's no registration - just click the box and hit vote.

If you've already decided to click the link and vote, just do that. If you choose to get all self-righteous and be an informed voter, please look here, here, and especially here, to make your decision - unless that decision is to vote against her, then don't do that.

You can, and should, vote every day until December 5th. If she wins, I will be giving away an iPad to everyone who votes and posts a comment stating that they voted for her. That was a lie. I will not do that at all. I'm a dirty dirty whore. You will however receive my undying gratitude, which is more valuable than an iPad and less likely to be stolen.


  1. You don't have to bribe me to vote. Seriously. I was thinking of nominating her myself. Of course it helps that your kids are totally adorable...and that you and your wife are fashion savvy in dressing your kids. So great picture skills are nice and all but having something sweet to capture kicks it up a notch!

    Good luck!

    By the way, even though you aren't posting as often, I would have to say your insights would still win you funniest blog out there.

  2. Don't worry little Gary. We have voted a few times. You what about her being nominated for the Best Layout? Voted there too. Need to try and make it a sweep!

  3. Also, I had no interest in being an informed voter so I did not look at the other two blogs. She's ahead right now, woo hoo! I'll try to remember to keep voting. I did not vote for her as best layout, only because I had a feeling that you can not win two awards, and better photography just seems more prestigious... no offense to the best layout winner if they read this blog :/

  4. If a guy can rock tweed w/patches? I'm a fan.