Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cleanup on Aisle Five!

When I got the kids out of bed this morning and was changing diapers, I was alarmed to find that Henry's boy parts were red and puffy. Heather called the doctor and got Henry the first available appointment.

Henry and I went to the doctor and it turns out it was just a yeast infection. I was afraid it was a flesh eating bacteria, which in this case would be a penis eating bacteria. Which would be a bit of a downer.

We got a prescription for some yeast cream and headed for the Walgreen's. I wanted to get Henry's cream as soon as possible, so we waited for the pharmacist to put the label on the box of cream. These things take time.

First we walked all of the aisles. Then we watched a redneck yell at his wife. And then we started getting bored.

Henry spotted a box of clearance mop handles, sans sponge heads, and took to mopping the store.

He mopped.

And mopped.

And mopped.

Watched the angry redneck some more.

. . . continued mopping.

And then they called us back to get the ointment, with the label meticulously affixed to the box.

If anyone in that store thought I would not let my son fake-mop all the floors in the Walgreen's while I followed him around taking pictures with my Blackberry, they were mistaken.


  1. I am impressed with your dedication to preserving this mopping memory! And I hope Henry's poor boy parts are feeling better soon. Thankfully it wasn't a flesh-eating virus, as that seems like a really really really bad place to have one of those.

  2. That's too cute! Maybe he wants to come over and mop my appartment floors?

  3. Maybe it took so long for the pharmacist to affix the label because s/he saw the opportunity to get all the floors pretend done while s/he was affixing. Seriously, is Henry for hire? Sorry about poor Henry's situation down under, but glad that it's on the mend!

  4. Man he must have earned some serious wages towards future college tuition! Sounds like it's about time to put him to work waxing daddy's car...or maybe polishing that shoe collection!

  5. I would seriously love to hear from pharmacist about what happens behind that counter. Sometimes they're swamped so I get that, but there has to be a fast pass available for someone who just needs yeast cream. Its not like they're counting 20 pills or something. I mean I know that would take more time. It takes my 3 year old like 20 seconds to do that.

  6. he's going to make a good husband someday!!

  7. just read the blurbs on the right side of your blog of each of your family members -- henry's description made me howl! was guitar vacuuming a gateway to 'cleanup on aisle five' or vice versa?!

    love it.


  8. How are Penelope & Mom?

    Happy Father's Day to you ~

    fan in va

  9. BC: The vacuuming with the guitar was the precursor to the fake mopping at Walgreen’s. Yesterday he was mopping with a toy golf club. Everything is a tool to clean a floor right now. I don’t know what that says about me.

    VA: Everyone is good – and thank you. We had an ultrasound yesterday. Mom and Penelope are good. 32 weeks, 4 days and counting.

  10. Hey, I could use some help down here too!
    Are you hiring him out, yet? I promise, I will also take him to Busch Gardens in a addition to payment for services rendered.
    L, Nanny Y