Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Most Dangerous Toy Ever

The Step 2 Kangaroo Climber.

Wow. Those two kids on the box sure are having a good time. Our kids are certain to enjoy hours of injury free play on this bad boy.

What could go wrong? They certainly wouldn't fall off the deceptively narrow ledge. Nor would they take a header down the slide. The fine folks at Step 2, who make toys for little kids, would know better than to build something like that.

We set it up yesterday. I was so excited about the impending glee that I broke out the video camera to capture the moment.

First, Piper gave it a shot.

Henry made it up next - this time with a spotter nearby.

Lastly, the ever-conservative Rosemary conquered the Kangaroo Climber.

Maybe I was exaggerating about it being the most dangerous toy ever. In their effort to position the little blue door perfectly to catch the head or neck of a child falling from the platform, the designers at Step 2 neglected to line the bottom of the Kangaroo Climber in broken glass. That would be the only way to make it more dangerous.

The kids climbed up and fell off a couple more times and it became more than apparent that they weren't going somehow "get it" and stop tumbling off.

We decided to remove the slide and the platform before someone got hurt. The Kangaroo Climber is now just a box with a door.

Not quite what I had in mind. Maybe we'll give the kids a go with the slide and platform re-attached in a couple months, but I have a feeling that, by the time the kids are sure-footed enough not to fall off, they're going to be too big for the toy.

**The preceding videos feature stunts performed by professional stunt children; accordingly, no one should attempt to re-create or re-enact any activity performed herein. No children were harmed in the making of these videos - at least not badly.


  1. Maybe this (the falling and random injuries) is how it all began for you and Heather:0)

    It's clearly an inherited trait!!

    Better that you play it on the safe side, though!

  2. Is it wrong that I burst out laughing at all three of those videos? (I felt better when I heard y'all laughing on the second one!)

  3. I'm with Deanna, I felt better about laughing when watching the videos when I also heard you laughing!!

    Poor babies! You need to add a disclaimer that no babies were injured in the filming of the videos, well maybe not permanently injured.

  4. Oh mercy - I am laughing so hard my stomach muscles went in to a cramp. Why am I laughing at beautiful babies falling off a slide? That's got to be so, so wrong.

    Have faith. We also have the Kangaroo Climber - I think we bought it when our triplets were ~18 months old and they took their fair share of headers. But, they still play with it now and they're five. You'll definitely get your money's worth out of it. Until then, it's a good thing you've got foam pads on the floor!

  5. your trio of video clips slayed me - especially the third one - as well as your remark about glass and disclaimer at the bottom.


  6. We also got this climber for our trio when they were just about a year old... We ended up removing the door. It seemed to be precariously placed to me as well! I was terrified that they were going to break their necks from falling off the ledge onto the door. We also removed it b/c we found that the boys were smooshing each others fingers in the door. It was totally a lose lose situation. We kept the ledge and the slide, and placed two large throw pillows under the backside of the ledge. It helped them to climb up, as well as helped cushion their fall... At age four, they still love it! :)

  7. I feel so bad for laughing, but it really is funny.